Teleman Systems, Inc.

“Complete Dedication To Serve You Better” @ All Times: We appreciate your interest in doing business with us.

- High Quality telecommunication equipments to meet all your needs.
- Best pricing matrix. To help you save with a huge discount.
- We do advance replacement – You get your phone online with a replacement ASAP and we fix the one which is out of order and ship it right back to you.
- 1 Year Warranty on all of our telecom equipment
- Serve our customer with high spirit and technical know how.

Teleman Systems, Inc. provides high quality telephones and telephone systems to all sizes and levels of businesses at wholesale pricing. We offer both new and "like new" equipment. We carry Digital Phone Systems, Digital Telephones, Analog Phone Systems, Analog Telephones, Voicemail Systems, replacement cards, components, and much more. If you have an existing telephone system and need to expand or update then we have the telephones and expansion equipment to bring you up to date. Why pay more when you can shop our store and pay hundreds less. Our goal is to provide top-notch customer service as well as high quality equipment. Everything in our store is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Follow the 3 stage process and you will be online as quick as you act and let us help you make the decision on the right enterprise phone systems for your organization:

1. Contact your phone company..
2. We will provide you with a phone system based on the number of lines and extensions that your business will use. Check out our "Complete Packages" section! Here you will find complete phone systems that are ready to install.
3. Visit us at OR call 1-877573-7771
4. We will arrange a professional installer for you and we will provide you with all the pre-requisite to get the your phone system up and running ASAP.