HP ProCurve Modules

The ProCurve Switch enables increased network capabilities and control vs. unmanaged switches, with support for fundamental networking protocols such as trunking, VLANs, and traffic prioritization.
We carry the following New and Refurbished HP Procurve Modules:
J8705A HP Procurve 20 Pt POE 1000BT + 4 SFP slots Module
J8706A HP ProCurve 24 Pt SFP slots (empty) Module
J8707A HP ProCurve 4Port 10GB X2 Module
J8708A HP ProCrurve 4Port 10GB CX4 Module
J8712A HP ProCurve 875W RPS POE Power Supply
J8765B HP ProCurve vl 24Pt 10/100 Module
J8766A HP ProCurve 10 Gbe X2 Transceiver Slot Module
J8768A HP ProCurve VL 24Pt 1000BT Module
J9008A HP ProCirve 2910al 2Pt 10GB Module